Why we include “Travel” in our budget

Groceries, rent, utilities….these are needs. Travel is a want, right?

You obviously haven’t been privy to our monthly family budget meetings.

If you had attended you would learn early on that travel absolutely is a priority in our house. And it should be in yours as well. Why? Because you need a break, dang it! You were not put on this earth to work until the day you die. When you look back on your life do you remember the fond memories of sitting at your desk working to make someone else money? No!  Most of us look back at our honeymoon with our significant other, the family cruise we took together, or the Girl’s Trip to Vegas to celebrate a dear friend’s 40th Birthday! But I certainly never look back and think of work!

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 10.20.47 AM
Our actual Lifestyle budget from AUG of this year courtesy of EveryDollar Budget App. (Go Dave Ramsey!)

So we build travel into our monthly budget and add a little bit to our savings account every month.  Some months we contribute more than others, because life. Some years our trips are bigger than others.  But every year we try to find some little place to break away and go. And I never have to worry about scraping together the funds last minute because they are always there.  And let’s face it, the trips you can pay for in advance are SO MUCH MORE RELAXING.

So say goodbye to Vacation Financial Hangover! Say “hello” to planning your next vacation with confidence and ease.  To make it even more simple, hire a travel advisor to help you plan your next vacation! It’s never too early to set some vacation goals and start saving for them now.  If I can help please let me know. You can always contact me for a free Trip Planning Consultation.

Until then, Happy Wanderlusting!

xo, K




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