Serendipitous Squad Travel Community

It’s been a little over a year since I started Serendipitous Traveler. Like any new entrepreneurial journey, year one definitely came with ups and downs. It takes awhile to find your footing in a new industry, to learn who all the players are and to decide where you plan on staking your ground.

It’s largely known that the travel industry is a conundrum.  There are so many options a person has when it comes to booking their travel – from Online Agencies like Expedia for the budget traveler, to large corporate consortias, to small agencies like myself. There is no shortage of finding what you need. There is someone out there ready to serve up what you ask for, you just have to be diligent enough to ask. Yet, for all of us out there, no one still understands airline pricing, so at least we all have that in common.

So, when I decided to declare my niche in this industry, it was very clear to me from day one what kind of travel I wanted to specialize in.  Girlfriend Getaways! I wanted to be the #girlfriendgetawayguru. Why? Because I know how important they are and what a cornerstone they have been in my life. So, I set out on a mission – to take care of the people that seem to spend so much of their time taking care of everyone else, and encourage them to travel with their girlfriends.

This was the feedback I got:

  • I don’t have anyone to travel with
  • My friends don’t like to travel
  • My friends can’t afford to travel

And just like that I knew what I needed to do – founded the Serendipitous Squad Travel Community. They say your vibe attracts your tribe and at Serendipitous Traveler we 100% agree. And we say, if you don’t have a squad to travel with, then we want you to travel with us.

We believe in community over competition.

We believe in supporting one another through all walks of life.

We believe that we are our best selves when we practice real self care.

And we want to see as much of this world as we can before our time is up and want to do it in the company of other extraordinary women who believe these things, too.

Because we want to live a life by design, not by default.

So I invite you to join us. We have a private Facebook community called The Serendipitous Squad Travel Community.  Starting in 2020, we will be hosting group trips. We have some domestic and some international plans up our sleeves, but here is the kicker – we are announcing them in our Serendipitous Squad Facebook Group first.

Our first hosted trip will be announced on Black Friday. We will make a general public announcement later, but I’m a little worried that if you wait for the general announcement, the trips might be sold out.

And I’d hate for you to miss out.

So do us both a favor – jump into our private Facebook Group.

Done? Good!

So happy to have you as a part of the squad!

Until next time, happy wanderlusting!
XO Krystal

5 Best Girlfriend Getaways for 2019

I don’t know about you, but the start of 2019 feels sort of exciting for me! For us there’s a lot of change coming up, which is why I’m putting my trips in my calendar now before the year gets away from me. Of course, I’m blocking out time for my girlfriends. And since 2019 seems to be the year of the girl (looking at you congress), let’s talk about my pick for the top 5 Girlfriend Getaways for 2019.


When it comes to a girls weekend, look no further than Chicago! Centrally located, convenient to fly in and out of and so full of things to do, there’s no way you can pack it all in for one weekend. Spend your days shopping on the Magnificent Mile. Grab lunch at The Gage before crossing the street to the Cloud Gate for your mandatory photo op in front of “The Bean.” Duck into the Ghiradelli chocolate factory for a quick treat. Rest your feet on the Architecture Boat Tour in the late afternoon. Grab dinner at Piccolo Sogno– be sure to make a reservation for the patio, it’s one of the best in the city! Feeling a little less fancy? Grab a table at Avec and enjoy a few shared plates to pass around!

Napa Valley

While it may seem an obvious choice, we would be remiss to mention Napa as the perfect Girlfriend Getaway location this year. Obviously, there are plenty of vineyard and wine tours available to satisfy any palate. You can also spend a morning learning the art of sabrage, spend an afternoon hiking in the Redwoods, and finish your evening at 3-star Michelin restaurant, The French Laundry. Relaxing spa options and boutique shopping opportunities round this out as the perfect long weekend for you and your girlfriends.

New York

It’s the city that never sleeps, which is a perfect way to spend your weekend away! Plan your weekend around one of the cities great festivals. Grab brunch at Sarabeth’s before you enjoy a stroll through Central Park. Enjoy shopping on Fifth Avenue. Take a minute to visit the 9/11 memorial and museum. Grab a show on Broadway. Enjoy the lights and people watching on Times Square. It will be a weekend you never forget!


We can’t keep everything domestic! And with flights to Europe looking reasonable this season why not think Italy – specifically Florence! Florence is a great destination for a girlfriend getaway. Start your day walking through the leather markets and take a crack at your haggling skills to find the best price! Spend a weekend trying ALL the gelato to find your favorite. Take a chianti wine tour through the Italian countryside. Spend an afternoon checking out the statue of Michelangelo’s David and grab an evening meal with some homemade pasta at Yellow Bar.


I know – when people conjure up images of Paris, they are usually immediately flooded with all thoughts amoré, BUT what if I told you that Paris was more than one-love-dimensional? If you are trying to plan a girls trip Paris NEEDS to be at the top of your list. The city’s charm and magic doesn’t stop for the romantics.  Start with great shopping down the Champs-Élysées, be sure to try out ALL the macron flavors at Laduree and take a segway tour through all the major sites. End the evening with a picnic on the Champs du Mars in front of the Eiffel tower and catch the perfect photo opportunity when the tower’s lights come on.

So tell me, what are your plans for 2019? Any trips planned? Need some travel inspiration? Drop me a note and let’s plan your next girlfriend getaway!

Until next time, Happy Wonderlusting! xo-K

Passion Play in Oberammergau

The year was 1633 and the plague was sweeping across Europe.  And despite the small Bavarian town’s best efforts, Oberammergau was not able to stave off the disease.  So they made a deal.  If God spared them from the plague, they would in turn put on a play depicting the suffering of Christ for all of their existence. Miraculously, no more citizens died from the plague. True to their word, in 1634 the first Passion Play was put on, and is continued to be presented to this day.

So what do you need to know about attending the Passion Play?

  • The play is put on in German, but you will have no problem understanding what is taking place. The powerful music helps give you a sense of what is taking place throughout the play, bringing everything to life.
  • The event only takes place every ten years. Put on during years that end in “0” now, the play is presented from May to October. 2020 will be your next opportunity to attend the Passion Play. After that you won’t have another opportunity until 2030.
  • It is a full days event, starting at 2:30 pm and ending at 10:30 pm with a three hour intermission where dinner is served.
  • The first play was performed over the graves of those that had died of the plague.  Nowadays it isn’t quite as macabre of a production. The theatre was constructed in 1820. It is outdoors with a dramatic view of the Bavarian Alps as a backdrop.  It is something that is absolutely not to be missed.

Don’t miss your opportunity to attend the Passion Play in 2020! I am here to help you plan a memorable trip! Fill out our form for a free trip consultation and soon you’ll be well on your way!

Until then, Happy Wanderlusting,


Attending the Passion Play in oberammergau


A vacation for Mom!

Summer is coming to an end. Back to school is in full swing. And mom’s everywhere are sharing a collective exhale.

Summer vacation has always felt like a bit of an oxymoron to me as an adult. Like really, who’s on vacation? Then, getting back into the routine of school is a whole other ball game.

Growing up I always thought I’d end up like Belle. Turns out, more often than not, I end up like this lady:


And it’s for this reason that I’m a huge fan of Girls Weekends! Because there must be more than this provincial life.

This mom has her own vacation planned! In one week I leave for a girls weekend in Colorado. It’s a quick turnaround. There will be food. There will be a little hiking. AND there will be Bruno! We are meeting up to go to the Bruno Mars Concert.

Why do I encourage women everywhere to take a little break?

Moms – you need a break from your kids.  I know – you love your family. Your kids are wonderful. You love your spouse. But when mom’s go on vacation, they aren’t really on vacation.  They are herding everyone to where they need to be. They are making plans. They are organizing everything. They are cleaning the room. They are making sure everyone is accounted for and little Johnny isn’t left on the train platform.  And by the end you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation.

Weekends with your girlfriends are the safe space every woman needs.  Need to bitch about how not every moment of marriage and motherhood is sprinkled with rainbows and unicorns? That’s what your girlfriends are for.  It’s space to be vulnerable. It’s safe. It’s judgement free. And it’s the opportunity to realize that yes, we feel you and we feel that way, too. And that’s because…..

No one gets you like your girlfriends do.  They knew you when you were sweating it out on the dance floor before you had spit up on your shirt. They were there when you told them that you found the one. They don’t care if you are in Belle mode, or the crazy egg lady.  They get you. And you get them.

The ability to travel solo is sometimes a gift unto itself. Why, yes, I WILL wear white on the plane today. (Not really. I don’t need to have kids to spill coffee all over myself, but you get my point.) You have time to actually stop and get that coffee.  You have time to, gasp,  Read. A. Book.

Recharging your batteries makes you a better wife/mom/person. Especially when surround yourself with quality people.  Remember that safe place I mentioned? A quality friend lets you vent about the fact that life isn’t all rainbows, while simultaneously reminding you that 1) you aren’t always a picnic to live with either (in a warm, fuzzy loving way of course!), and 2) your life is full of way more sunshine and good than not.  They lift you up, and elevate you to be the best you can be. They bring out the good in you. They encourage the best. And they make you feel good about it all at the same time. And when you take the time to laugh, sleep in, and let someone else cater to you for a change (even if it is a waiter that you tip generously for a little extra champagne in your mimosa for brunch), you let the coils relax just a little. You come home ready to take on challenges at work and at home just a little more clearly.

So, what are you waiting for? Have you called your girlfriends lately? I think it’s time to start planning a little getaway……..And if I can help bring all the pieces together you know I’d love to!